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Somewhere in  Toronto, October 12th, 2004

While walking down the streets in Toronto I met a person  I was pretty sure I had seen his face on some posters somewhere. "Are you Vash?"
"Vash the Stampeed? No, no," said the red claded stranger, "I'm not the Human Typhon at all."

I gave the stranger a look and quickly pulled out my camera and took a couple of pictures.
He claims this is his normal clothes and goes by the name Zero. Actually it was intersting that no one else really noticed.

In a sense, it was refreshing to see someone perform 'random acts of cosplay' I hope Zero sets the example of how far anime has come to North American culture.  Of course, being Toronto and October where you'll usually find people in costumes helps. Still  my hats off to Zero. You saved me from what was a boring day.

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