Little Butterfly

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Little Butterfly

Kojima seeks to befriend the class outcast, and soon learns of Nakahara's troubled family life - of his uncaring, abusive father and mentally unstable mother. As Kojima yearns to somehow comfort Nakahara, he gradually becomes aware that his feelings for the other boy arise from more than mere sympathy. When Nakahara declares his own romantic feelings for Kojima, their relationship becomes one of sexual exploration as they face their first steps into adulthood together.
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Author: TAKANAGA Hinako
Genre: Mature, Drama, School Life, Romance, Comedy Yaoi
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hmmm...There are defiantly a lot of things I could say about this manga, I think what is most appealing about it is that it is actually the perfect Yaoi starter book, there is nothing horribly graphic that you would go.. "OMG was that just a..." The story is really what makes it a beautiful and rather amazing starter book. It takes you though not only the idea of a rather 'bad' home life, but it also takes you briefly though the 'maturing' process of a guy but that of a gay guy that doesn't really understand everything that's going on. He really gives the term 'innocent' a new meaning. LOL The plot is rather well done and the art is obviously very enjoyable. hmmm... what else could I even really does just take you though the first relationship with the main characters and shows you the different things they realize and learn along the way, it does have a few rather dark undertoned areas but overall its a rather comedic manga. Its clear that the author was going for more of a light hearted kind of romance then something 'hot n' heavy' with there own twists and turns.

I would defiantly label this a MUST READ for anyone new to Yaoi or the occasional known curious male that either somehow finds himself with questions or is simply curious about why all the girls are squealing about it. It does have some bed scenes but its nothing overly graphic like I said before, there is the occasional 'passionate' kissing but other than that there isn't much that you could see that would be 'scaring' LOL

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