Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy

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The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy

Yoshinaga's genius and his gift for political maneuvering have helped him ascend to the higher spheres of the Ministry of Foreign affairs at an early age. As for Shiraishi, the prestige of his family as well as his dedication to his job has also led him to an early career in diplomacy. Yoshinaga is Shiraishi's future brother-in-law as he is soon to be married to his sister. When the two meet in Thailand, a stunning tale of love unfolds.
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Alternative Names: Koushi Kakka no Himitsu Gaikou, Minister Excellency, Secret Diplomacy of a Minister Excellency, Secret Diplomacy, The Secret Diplomacy of a Minister Excellency
Author: NITTA Youka
Artist: NITTA Youka
Genre: Drama, Yaoi
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