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The book consists of three short stories occurring each in a different timeframe, and are all related to the Ring

Floating Coffin – This covers the last moments of character Mai Takano’s life, which were omitted in the second novel of the series, Rasen The story is told from her perspective.

Lemonheart – The second story of the anthology, and the basis for the screenplay of film Ring 0: Birthday (2000). The majority of it takes place during central character Sadako Yamamura’s time with the Hishio acting troupe at the age of 19. The focus of this story is Sadako's intimate relationship with fellow acting troupe member, Hiroshi Toyama, and her social alienation from the rest of the members. It also reveals the full story of her death and "rebirth" in the cursed videotape.

Happy Birthday – The final story of the anthology. It further develops the storyline of the last novel, Loop, while incorporating new information disclosed in the previous two short stories. It depicts the last events taking place in the Ring universe chronologically, and is also the conclusion of the series.
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Alternative Names: Ring Vol 4
Author: SUZUKI Koji, TAKAHASHI Hiroshi
Artist: MEIMU
Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural
Adaptation of a part of author Koji Suzuki's Ring Cycle series.


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