Ring: The Spiral

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Ring: The Spiral

The story follows on from the first Ring novel, and establishes the origin of Sadako Yamamura's cursed videotape. The idea is that if the tape is watched by a woman who is ovulating, she can impregnate herself in such a woman and therefore live again. The woman turns out to be Mai Takano.
It also contains a plot about a former classmate of Ryuji Takayama from medical school performing his autopsy. In so doing, he discovers that Ryuji kept a record of the events that led to his death. The doctor is unsure of what to do because the record clearly states a danger to the public, but it also includes supernatural events, so going public could ruin his reputation.
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Alternative Names: Spiral, Rasen
Author: SUZUKI Koji
Artist: MIZUKI Sakura
Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural
Adaptation of a part of author Koji Suzuki's Ring Cycle series.


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