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From the forums,

[POLL] Did you like first episode of Ouran High School Host Club?
I liked it 75% 75% [ 3 ]
It was okay 0% 0% [ 0 ]
Have to watch more before I can decide 25% 25% [ 1 ]
Didn't like it at all 0% 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 4

ooo Ouran 16... Haruhi to Hikaru hatsu deeto daisakusen (Haruhi and Hikaru, the Great First Date Strategy) - 07.18.06 My reasons for watching Ouran to begin with was one simple reason... Mamo-chan. I absolutely loved Miyano Mamoru in Wolf's Rain, so when I finally gave into those fanboys that were pushing this series on me, I was really happy with it. And the big bonus with SuzuKen! Suzumura Kenichi who played Kaoru in the Dramas, was now playing Hikaru. So for this ep you've got Haruhi (Sakamoto Maaya) & Hikaru on a date, but Kaoru set them up. Err-- i just lost all train of thought. >.< Well at least Haru-chan looks like a girl in this ep. ^^

I was so delighted with this one that I got wrapped up in watching it and forgot to come back and comment!

I can't resist, because it has my 3 B's.

Bishounen, Bishounen and Bishounen.


At first I thought it was going to be painful but then it made me laugh and then I just loved them all.

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