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Goh and the seemingly straight Taki are partners in everything... except romance. With a slew of crucial assignments stacking up under their belts, this covert team of drug snatchers starts to rack up bigger deals with sweeter payoffs. the problem? With every new job comes another battle of wills and massive tidal waves of unfulfilled desire. Working together is no easy street when your heart is racing and criminal masterminds continue to turn the entire city into a hide-and-seek playground.
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Author: TATENO Makoto
Genre: Action, Mature, Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Police, Romance, Yaoi
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Oh wow, were to about... I FREAKING LOVE THIS MANGA!!! *grins* there really isn't even a place to start, I just LOVER it :D the art is beautiful, the plot is amazing, and OMG the characters personalities are EPIC!!! I mean really who could ever get sick of seeing poor Taki who is clearly straight get felt up by Goh multiple times. I certainly can't XD *coughs* annnyways, it's absolutely amazing, from how the author made there personalities so clashy to the way they went about executing there plot was purely beautiful. From the humorous kissing followed by gun point *giggles* to the epic interruptions and you did WHAT in that room?! lmao oh yes I defiantly loved this manga.

This is a MUST READ for anyone that's new or old to yaoi, its not overly graphic, but its defiantly enough to keep you satisfied with how the story progresses, its an overall enjoyable read and defiantly falls into my coveted top 5 yaoi's.

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