animenorth 2003

May 23rd to May 25th, 2003
Regal Constellation Hotel
Toronto Ontario

This con would be the last time Anime North would be held in one location in one hotel.  Later on that year, the Regal Constellation Hotel would closed down right after Toronto Trek 17.  It was also the last art challenge, Kitsune or fox. It would be more than a year before The 4 Koma Project would replace the art challenges.

It was also the end of using my Pentax K1000 and the beginning of the end of using film in general. The Pentax's shutter curtain was starting to fail again. By next year, I would be switching to another film camera only to ditch it in favour of digital.

It was also the beginning as Anime London would officially have it's own website after the close of Anime North 2003.