Con Bravo 2015


This year's con was in many ways a repeat of past year's con though in some ways a little off. Droo the Photograher and Cosplay for a Cure were designated rooms instead of being in the hall or dealer's room. Something which I missed seeing them amoung the crowds.

The free wifi was spotty this year as well with it going down at the oddest of times. This was the third con with the new iPhone and new camera. I manage to get a second battery though I easily could have used a third. I nursed the first battery before switching to the second. More aware of the quirks of my new Fuji T410 to but not fully to take in all it's features or some of quirks I've yet to figure out. That will come with time and practice.

Once again Microsoft was at ConBravo with the Surface 3 Pro. I played with Minecraft on which I thought was running Windows 10 Beta. Some lock ups but only shortly. I boasted the virtures of Minetest which was totally modifiable with an excellent protection mod and in-game World Edit to one of the booth staff.

More to come...