Transformer Expo-Anime Con

March 20th to 21st 2004

Convention Report

Lineup for getting into the convention.

The above picture is an example of how fickle the lighting at MTCC really is. All pictures were taken with a friend's HP 120 camera. Fine outdoors but terrible under indoor lighting conditions. Also stuck on ASA100 film speed makes it difficult at the best of times. Though I saw many others with the same or simular HP cameras.  With a 128M flash card, I had no worries of running out of space. The video capture is superior over other small cameras in it's price range. Only drawback is no sound.

One of many cosplayers at the con.

The real problem with the MTCC was space for cosplayers to meet. The main hallway just outside the con were taboo by MTCC staff. Upstairs was too at some point. In the end, alot of cosplayers group out in the hall between the dealer's room and the theatres. it got crowded but lead to some interesting group portraits. This picture had so many people that I had to stitch it together as with the one below. A difficulty since people moved from shot to shot.

Most of the main activity was Saturday so the most cosplayers were there for the Cosplay show. The ideal picture taking time.

Notes on a quicky costume

I found this costume well done inspite that she only had two weeks warning of the con and only took two days to put together.  The large sword was made of sheet insulating foam which was pitted. It added to the charm. Her body paint was another story. Being oil-grease based, the character's markings added OVER the paint did not fair well. I know this from doing clown gigs for short while.

In actual practice, grease paint does not adhere nor blend well but gives a solid colour. Problems is grease based paints also clogs skin pours and is sticky. Talcum or corn starch helps take care of this. (Caution: Corn Starch is flameable in loose form but fine after applied.) Also you need to remove the sections where you paint in different colour.

Suggestions:  Mark off the sections with super fine highlighter or mascara then use spounge q-tips to get sharp edges to the lines.

Everyone is just friends .... NOT!

Upstairs in the main lobby there were cosplayers hanging out. Amoung them a group dressed in Battle Royalle costumes. It was hard to get this series of poses which I based off a Lex Luthor-Joker cover.  All friends, shaking hands but pointing guns at each other backs on the back cover. I think they managed to pull off this shot quite well. Strangely all their weapons are pointed at one girl, hmm. Nope all is harmonious. (Watch your back.)  Also I found that the group has a website  which another take on the pose I proposed  picture appears on their own website Dreams 2 Reality Cosplay.

Charming catgirl
 I have to mention this one. She was sitting up stairs and I took her picture. Then I suggested that she wag her tail for video clip. I was so impressed that I botched the shot *twice*. I was so use to taking pictures in portrait that I forgot I can't rotate video. Finally I got my camera right.


The problems of being a Catgirl


I would say this is vast improvement over her costume worn last Novemeber. Gone is the metal ring which imprinted itself on her belly. The body markings were clearer but at a cost. To get better colour, she laid on the paint. Unfortunely she painted where she glued her shoulder fur which pulled and peeled off the paint. Better planning would have help.

One other problem from last year not solved was her top kept drifting which required to be adjust constantly. I've notice other cosplayers using clear plastic bra straps which can be sewn in which would have corrected this problem easily.

Solution to the body paint? Plain coloured body stocking painted with clothes dye would work. It would be a *GOOD* idea not to paint the outfit while wearing it as the dyes will stain flesh. Mark out with washable marker your lines wearing it to get contours right then take a embrodier's loop to paint each section at a time. A sponge stamp can be used to do the spots.

Oh ya, where's your partner?


180 degree view of the dealer's room

The dealer's room was 200% inprovement over the last show in November 2003. Space to walk without bumping into each other. Dealers could actually spread out their wares without people having to bind up trying to reach over to see what was available. Dragon Mango was there as well. For the dealers Saturday was their day but since I knew I was staying for two days, I left my buying for Sunday.


Girl of many costumes



One surprise was Jessie who went through many costumes changes from Team Rocket girl to character from London (England) broadway show "We will Rock You." I had earlier thought she was also there Sunday as BR girl but she corrected me.  It does show how simple a costume can be. She really knows how to accessorize.  Thanks for the correction. Maybe the other girl is long lost twin.

Guests - Scott McNeil


Scott McNeil has to be the most wildest guest I've have ever seen. Unpredictable at best.  Able to roll with anything thrown at him like neko toque that was impromptly placed on his head. fans had bought the guests flurries and Scott a blizzard. In mid line, Scott suffered a brain freeze which proves that Dairy Queen's blizzards are the best.

Scott is playing the lead villian in upcoming Scoobey Doo 2 movie. I normally don't go to many movies but because of Scott, I'll be there. Scott was also the last to leave with con staff literally dragging him to get him to his flight on time. I have seen no better guest other than Garret Wang (Ensign Kim - Voyager) which is SO up there for the fans.

Guests - Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson is the other jem at TEAC. His clown story is one of the most touching I have heard. I still can't do that horn sound like him. Michael is prozac compaired to Scott but still very entertaining. I was surprise and glad he worked on SilverWing as Goth. Friends overseas are absolute fans of the show.

Guests - Brad Swaile

Brad was the quiet one of the lot being his 5th convention.  In truth Scott and Michael took control of the show and no one, con producer nor Brad, could change that. Dressed a little better than his 'Clerks' outift from last November, when given the chance Brad did shine with one-on-one fan encounters. His annidote about Mouse's alter ego was hilarious.

Guests - Chris Sabat

Chris on the left.

Chris  was the foriegner of the group. Unfortunely he wasn't available Sunday other than to say goodbye before he caught his flight. For a person from Texas, he has great personality.  I got to speak briefly on virtues of Tim Hortons only to find he fell in love with Julius Caesars drinks while up here. "Who would ever thought of putting clam juice in a drink." I corrected him that it was Mott's Clamato juice. Apparently Americans are totally unaware of 'caesars' but I heard that Motts is shipping south of the border with literally shelves of their product lining liquer stores. Inspite of working on Dragonball series I had him sign a Bubblebee t-shirt for a friend.

This was a better con than last. here was more cosplayers but then there was more FOR cosplayers. The video room suffered abit here. Programming could have been less features that took an hour or more of conventioner's time. If something was playing before opening on Sunday then people waiting around in the hallways might have been lessen. In one sense, if programing was based on what was available on the dealer room floor, attendance might have been more for this.  The one thing that suffered was if something was happenning in one spot, it would draw from others. The guests and cosplay idol drew the crowds.

This con had alot good points to offset the bad.  See you at the next one.