Toronto Anime Con

March , 2007



Crowd in level 100


Dealers Room

I have photographed the Dealers Room before with table after table of manga. So its was pointless to record it all over again. What stood out was selection of traditional Japanese goods or fans, scrolls, Japanese sandels and ninja socks!


Studio Udon and Reboot!

There was usual artist alley but also companies.


I covered lots of panels for this con with camcorder on hand. Most of the guests were voice actors/actresses for out coming release of Tsubasa Chronicles anime. I get around to going through those old tapes sometime.

Cosplay Idol


The mess left over the day

Not only was ther a lack of longue chairs, benches or couches, there was a lack of garbage cans in the immediate area. No wonder there was flotsam of waste. Later on more garbage cans were put out with recycling.



SUPER? line up!



Lack of space to handle crowds

As always the real problem of Toronto Anime Con is the lack of things to keep everyone interested. Add a lack of lounge chairs or benches.

Dolls of MTAC


Both Saturday and mostly Sunday, anime fans who are also doll collectors met together.


Various dolls