Toronto Anime Con

March 20th to 21st, 2010

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

8:30am I'm waiting for my ride to leave. For the first time, I can write a con report in real time. I've got my gear. I spent a large chuck of my time searching for my camera belt pouch. It ended up being under the couch for some reason.

Once again, I stopped at Tim Hortons by the Royal York hotel. The big difference was the Toronto Sportsmen's Show. With motorcycles and other 'show' displays in North Hall Lobby, this meant MTAC was contstricted to lover level which MTCC riggerly inforced. I found the sign pointing downward so I decended into the fray....

Once again the line ups which is all of us was part of.


Movie Promos


Movie promotion became part of MTAC. Shades of other genre creep into MTAC though not a bad decision on the studio part. If you were looking for a better venue to promote to teen audience, you wouldn't find it in Toronto than this.

Dealers Room


Dealers room was packed. Largely because other than panel rooms and limited hall space alotted to MTAC, there was nothing for the fans. Surprising once I explained to people going to Sportmen's Show what was going on, they had no problem with the copslay. Still we all felt herded in.


Hanging Out


Hanging out became an issue as MTCC staff herded patrons in small area. There was simply no longue chairs or designated area for sitting and reading your latest find from the dealer's room. Other cons even added free water in open areas. This was only the case in the panel rooms.






I wasn't the only photgrapher at MTAC. One with elaborate setup was himself camera shy. Another cosplayed himself.

End of Cosplay Idol

Sadly Cosplay Idol ran it's course and it was replaced with an anime rave.