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Alcohol, Shirt and Kiss

Crushed beneath the weight of lost love, Naru hopes to mend his broken heart by drinking his nights away with fellow detective Kita. The morning after their third night of drinking… they wake up naked? The cute but rough and wicked couple has arrived!
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Alternative Names: Sake to Y Shirt to Kiss
Author: KUWABARA Yuuko
Genre: ADULT, Erotica, Romance, Yaoi
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...Ok, Only really have one thing to say... I really didn't like it.. like REALLY didn't like it, the art is a little two 'boxy' for me, as well as the fact that plot isn't really that great, I got though maybe 2 chapters of this before I had to stop. I just found it really.. well poorly done, I have read a lot of straight cop goes gay, I really feel this one just isn't 'up to code' so to speak, the art isn't that enjoyable and the plot is rather overdone and it just wasn't a very good read.

This is on my 'things I wish I could forget I read' list!

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