Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Every town has its secrets Everyone has something to hide. For Maebara Keiichi, who recently transfered to a small rural town, it's secrets can be fatal.


Alternative Names: When They Cry - Higurashi
Genre: Detective, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Demographic: Shounen
Based on computer game but as oppose to dating sims which has multiple outcomes; this game is based on horror and has only one outcome. Haigurashi is a type of cicada in Japan that only comes out during the night in the month of June.



"Pretty amazing first episode that did it's best to conceal the plot. 'Seemingly' nice girls in a quiet town but you'll never know..."


"fairly decent school daze stuff to start with but i get the impression that the tone of the series changes violently in later episodes"


"This is either one of those creepy little towns where everyone s hiding some morbid secret or a gigantic pile of red herrings. That's going to have the hero seeing monsters behind every bush and suspecting everybody and their cat. The only way to know is to watch the whole stupid series."


"The first episode looked like a mix of Perfect Blue and Shakugan no Shana and some kind of weekend high school sitcom if everything ws 1 eighth in size. Though, from the way it ended, it looks like the rest of the series can go at least 5 different directions."

Michael Eh?

"What appears to a another school drama, it quickly turns into a murder mystery with the main character, Maebara Keiichi, is trying to figure out who or what is killing and kidnapping people before he's the next victim.

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Year Reviewed: 2006

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