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Suzuo Sakurazaki is an ordinary student at school. He meets the alien girl Tanpopo and is asked to be the tester for what he thinks is a toy. Instead it is test battle suit and an A-class criminal alien, Doctor Marron Flower, is the test subject. Suzuo then finds out that there are other companies competing powersuits using Suzuo's neighbour as their testing ground and they all including the Doctor are hired by the same company.


Alternative Names: Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoida
Genre: Action, Comedy, Parody, Science Fiction
It is no coincident that the main character is a parody of the popular Ultraman series.



"One Question, what the heck with the diaper? Don't like it. Too kiddish so far and has dumb looking robot, weird animal thing and a dumb looking enemy. Bad Start. (5 stars out of 10.)"


"Umm... what the hell is this? It's almost like an American cartoon if you minus the girl with the giant boobs. It's pretty stupid."


"What in the world? A guy that transforms into this little dinky blue thing; a girl who hasn't hit puberty in a skimpy costume, and another girl with boobs bouncing all over fighting some doctor-scientist riding a giant praying mantis .... I have yet to see anything so pointless ... unless you're looking to lower your IQ level to the negatives."


"this anime has appeal to young children or lollita fans but the overall target audience here. Seems to want a more mature plot. the comedic value is last upon those of us alive."


"A screwy anime parody of Green Lantern that is amusing in its own way."


"A powersuit in diapers - it says it all."


"not bad. a little shrill but I can put up with it."

Ultra Rob

"cute but uneven super hero comedy made for a Japanese audience but weird enough to get laughs from an American audience."


"... He's, like a demented smurf. That was so weird! I liked the kitten, though. Every series needs a kitten."


"You defeat the Boss with Background music ... Awesome. I was corny, simplistic and cutsey, but I loved every second of it. Nothing new here but you'll enjoy what they've got."

Michael Eh?

"Anime version of 'Dumber and Dumberer'! Fleshy transformations, bad dialogue, even worse premise not worth mentioning. It is worth watching if you absolutely have nothing else to do."

Club Notes

Review Date: Day of Anime 2005

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