Even More Beautiful Lie

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an Even More Beautiful Lie

One evening, Kurosu Keiichiro, a student at an Art University, runs after a young man who forgot his umbrella on the train, and misses the last train home. The young man turns out to be Yukari Yohito, a fellow student at his school and is famous for his artwork. Yukari invites him to stay the night at his place, and Kurosu obliges. Following that, Kurosu finds himself visiting Yukari's home often, and begins to take care of him, as Yukari is hopeless while he is not painting. However, slowly but surely, Kurosu begins to develop deeper feelings for Yukari...
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Alternative Names: an Even More Beautiful Lie, Mottomo Utsukushii Uso no Koto
Author: KANAI Kei
Artist: KANAI Kei
Genre: Drama, Psychological, Yaoi
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