Pumpkin Scissors

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Pumpkin Scissors

For some, such words don't come soon enough. For some, the war is never over.


Genre: Action, Drama, Military, Romance
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from the manga, Pumpkin Scissors.



"War is usually a serious issue but in this series comic relief (aka war relief) is provided by a troop of interesting characters A scar faced man and an over-zealous female officer. There's potential...."


"Serious villainy, idealistic aggressive and slightly disillusioned girl, well written story and a background with potential for a lot more - I like it."

Michael Eh?

"Just in time for Remembrance Day, this series rocks as it shows the one side ALL war movies miss ... Cleaning up after the war is over. Much like the current state of the world today with people picking up the pieces after the war, much like Afghanistan. Except the female officer who had just joined as the war ends has NO CLUE what war is about. The corporal on the other hand has full effect of the war as being a trooper programmed to take out tanks. In the end, I think, the female officer ends up being the redemption for the Corporal why he protects her from actual combat."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2006

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