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Is it better to give or to receive? Well, as the mood strikes you, how about both? That’s the position of Reversible!
Featuring stories by Saki Takarai, Midori Nishiogi, Haruki Fujimoto, Tomoko Takakura and many other mangaka making their U.S. debut in these pages, Reversible is a great big grab bag of BL goodness! Inside this plus-sized volume, discover how date night at the movies turns into a relationship crisis for two co-workers; what a trip to the student council room could lead to between a student and his class president; why an angel and a human find themselves in a strange love relationship; how a fish-loving office manager’s infatuation with a beautiful new employee quickly gets out of hand – and much, much more!
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Author: FUJIMOTO Haruki, Goroh, NISHIOGI Midori, TAKAKURA Tomoko, TAKARAI Saki
Artist: FUJIMOTO Haruki, Goroh, NISHIOGI Midori, TAKAKURA Tomoko, TAKARAI Saki
Genre: Romance, Yaoi
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