Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru

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Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru
Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru
Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru
Jijou wo Shiranai Tenkousei ga Guigui Kuru

Akane Nishimura is a shy and gloomy elementary school girl with an unfounded dire reputation in her class due to her appearance. Taiyou Takada is a transfer student in her class who came from a small countryside school, and who is fascinated by the aspects of Nishimura that her classmates use to pick on her, finding her "darkness" cool beyond compare. Through the unbridled and fundamental joy Takada finds in being her friend, Nishimura starts realizing that being herself is not as bad as she thinks.

Akane Nishimura est une écolière timide et sombre avec une mauvaise réputation sans fondement dans sa classe en raison de son apparence. Taiyou Takada est une étudiante transférée dans sa classe qui vient d'une petite école de campagne et qui est fascinée par les aspects de Nishimura que ses camarades de classe utilisent pour s'en prendre à elle, trouvant sa "obscurité" cool au-delà de toute comparaison. Grâce à la joie débridée et fondamentale que Takada trouve à être son amie, Nishimura commence à réaliser qu'être elle-même n'est pas aussi mauvaise qu'elle le pense.
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Alternative Names/Des Noms Alternatifs: My Clueless First Friend, The Clueless Transfer Student Is Assertive
Author/Auteur: KAWAMURA Taku
Artist/Artiste: KAWAMURA Taku
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
Demographic/Démographique: Shounen
Adapted from the manga/Adapté du manga


Michael Eh?

Being bullied was never cool. Still isn't. Yet this anime turns this childish past time on it's head with a clueless new student. Or is everyone else is clueless and he's the only one who has a clue. Having a hard day then this is the show for you.


This guy is ... dense. but then, that's the source of the comedy. He's so dense, he doesn't know fact from fiction, and that kind of makes it work. He actually believes his classmates when they bully the girl and call her "the grim reaper", but he still reaches out to her. it makes for a cute dynamic, with her being an extreme introvert and him being an extreme extrovert.

Mr. G

An elementary school boy with chuunibyo delusions makes friends with the somber girl everyone refers to as "The Grim Reaper". Has a nice look without being overly cute. Hair shading uses an interesting airbrush look to it, but it's not consistent with the rest of the characters' designs, or the backgrounds. The eyes are absolutely huge in this one. As romcoms go, the boy is refreshingly open and casual with wanting to be Nishimura's friend, rather than being one of those constantly nervous or embarassed people. Most of his actions are couched in the imaginations of a young boy that still believes in magic. It's charming, and a little weird. The young girl is a bit apprehensive, but doesn't dislike the newfound attention and friendliness of the new boy.

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Date Reviewed: April 18 2023

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