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Hiroki Endo's Tanpenshu

An anthology of seven short stories spread across two volumes. Volume 1 is comprised of The Crows, The Girl, And The Yakuza (in which an outcast Yakuza is sheltered by a disfigured runaway girl), Because You're Definitely A Cute Girl (in which a seemingly normal school girl snaps with murderous results) and For Those Of Us Who Don't Believe In God (in which a university theatre group puts on a play that is echoed and overshadowed by their own real life dramas). Volume 2 is comprised of Hang (an erotic sci-fi piece following an unlikely trio), High School Girl 2000 (a semi- autobiographical piece covering Endo’s premature midlife crisis), Platform (a two-part piece in which the son of a Yakuza boss encounters love, loss, family and violence) and Boys Don’t Cry (a very short comedic piece).
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Author: ENDO Hiroki
Genre: Drama, Mature, Slice of Life, Tradegy
Demographic: Seinen
"Tanpenshu" is Japanese for "short stories".


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